The lap takes place on a highway, and in order to do 17 km it requires 2.5 laps. Last year as I understand it was a marathon on the same lap so they had to go through that lap 6 times, that means 6 times nasty downhill and uphill, and it was pouring rain. So we were lucky this year.

It starts with a 2 km flat straight followed by a U-turn, on the way back it was fun because it was fast and enjoyable since there was some backwind.

After you finish the flat straight back to the start point there is a curved downhill where you can get pretty fast to 50 km/h which takes you into a tunnel. 100m after this tube there's another U-turn that goes back into the tunnel, but now you have to climb it back up and it's a hard uphill, but relatively short. There was no rain, but still the conditions were pretty wet and slippery.

Myself (Itzik) I started pretty fast the first couple of hundred meters but gave up as soon as I saw the acceleration doesn't stop and speed goes up constantly. As I'm not used to racing in wet conditions, this time I set myself a goal to finish the race without new injuries or more crashes added to my resume.

Dietmar quickly passed me and soon after came Friedel and Thomas came along. Friedel, Thomas and I remained together up until the first downhill. After the downhill I tried to catch up, but no one can go as fast as Friedel in uphills.

After 1 lap I was already alone, Friedel and Thomas went on together till the finish I think.

I tried to reach them on the last 2km but without success. Although I was pushing hard and fast, they were too far ahead, nonetheless it was fun sprinting for 2 km, I bet there will be some nice sprint face photos.

The girls started 2 minutes behind, after almost 2 laps Karo Kierzkowski passed me and I started seeing Theresa approaching on the other side of the road. Although she had her racing face, where she sees and hears nothing I cheered from the other side.

Overall, from my side it was fun and a good experience, I also met my goals and successfully didn’t crash! Theresa said it was horrible - she learned from Israelis to make excuses. Dreaming about 2nd place you should do before a race, not in the middle and within the finish.

But still everyone did well and we ended up with an alcohol free beer and one leg skating heart attacks.

This was the race that concludes the German West Cup (WSC).

13.09.2015 run and roll day        Bielefeld 17,1 km    WSC
6.    (2. Aktive) Theresa Ricke 35:06 RSC Aachen
20.  (1. AK55) Dietmar Heidingsfeld 35:07 RSC Aachen
25.  (3. AK50) Thomas Eisenburger 35:11 RSC Aachen
28.  (2. AK60) Friedel Dickmeis 35:38 Germania Dürwiß
29.  (3. AK30) Itzik Cohen Arazi  (ISR) 36:09 Club Otzma